Tuesday, October 14, 2014

All that Glitters

 This is a bit of a special post for me, it's my very first video tutorial
I stutter and repeat myself a lot so bear with me.
If you've watched the video, I'd suggest a quick scan of the information here as I may have forgotten to share it in the video.
thanks for watching and be nice :)
I wanted to try some different ways to decorate chipboard
and I just loved how this worked out, I had to share.
I'm including the still shots with explanation as I know some may not be able to watch videos.
If you can, scroll on down and have a watch.
These are the pieces I'll be using today.
Using a white acrylic paint, Not too thin,
paint a dry or light layer down. Get the edges; inside and out.
Make sure not to have too much paint or your chipboard can warp. 
You can skip this step and the effect you have will be an antique looking finish
as the chipboard color will darken the colors.
I wanted my color to be brighter and therefore needed the white base.
You'll need to let it dry completely before moving on.
If you are creating a tree or package ornament, you will repeat the step on the other side.
Allow to dry first.
hanging the piece as you work may effect the outcome.
Next, you're going to add your thin, dry layer of liquid glue.
making sure to cover the entire surface.
Do not put your glue in the edges here
Use a paper or glitter tray to catch the extra glitter
 shake off excess.
Let dry completely.
This glitter is created to use in coloring with any alcohol based markers and will not harm your pens
Once dry take a soft paintbrush, brushing to remove remaining loose glitter
ECD has a video demonstrating this entire technique with coloring, using their sticky paper.
With the glue, the polishing is not necessary.
You're ready to color up in your favorite combos.

This is actually a snowflake but I immediately saw red berries, leaves and the floral center.
So many possibilities. Go wild!
Once complete, you can run a metallic embroidery floss or thin ribbon through.
Adhere to card or package or hang from tree.
Sit back and gaze upon your beautiful embellishment or ornament.
Enjoy yourself and have fun.


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