Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Do WHAT with WHAT?

Hello Friends,
I come to you today from under the table. Yep, still hiding...

I'm sure you've noticed that we no longer have an easy option available in our challenges at
I love this because I LOVE a challenge. It really pushes us out of our comfort zone.
It inspires a growth mindset
And lets be honest, why would one NOT want to learn?
This month, Zoe says, I'd like you girls to try Biros...
Ohhhhh, Ball point pens....Ok :)
Well, Kay took to this like she's been doing it her whole life and the rest of us...
Some were kicking and screaming.
Some struggled.
We tried over and over and over again.
Lots were tossed with the garbage.
Then... some gorgeous colorings started to appear from the group.
In the end, we made it through and I must say,
while I'm not super thrilled with mine, I'm so happy to have done it
Most importantly, I am going to make some time to keep working this.
Why? Because the effects is breathtaking and because it's a challenge...
I tried several attempts and this was the first solid image I did.
I really struggled with what to do: the highlighting, added other colors to create effects etc.
Finally, i decided to go simple and instead of trying to "color" with hatching and straight lines,
I tried to emphasize and move with the image (yeah, I know, I'm dramatic)
With this one, I followed the lines of the image with black;
cross hatching in the shadows with a bit of blue.
Then, adding orange and a touch of yellow in the window for a glow.
Finally, I took some alcohol on a blender pad and smeared it up a bit to soften the pen edging.
It also helped to smoke up the sky.
My final piece; I added more black and blue in the shadows,
toned down the orange and inked the edges.
All in all, it was SPOOKY...But I made it out alive and have grown because of it.
Let's see what you do..I encourage you to try the pens.
If that's more than you want to bite off: any medium that you've been nervous to use
Remember, it's not going to start out great (unless your Kay) and it may not end up what you think it should be but you'll never know if you don't try.
The most important thing is to enjoy it.
Don't forget to upload your finished project into the Gallery
Big Hugs with lots of encouragement


  1. Awesome coloring Dorinda. May try it at some point, would have to buy the pens.

  2. Well, girl... you hard practice has paid off!! it looks amazing!!


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