Thursday, December 11, 2014

Make it Crafty Tags Tutorial

Hello Friends,
Recently, Zoe has created some really adorable tag stamps
that are super quick to make and perfect for the gift giving season.

I'd like to share with you a way that I create templates for such items;
Like the tags and even to help create cards.
It takes a bit of time but once it's done, you have it ready to go. 

I use Microsoft word. However, I'm sure there are gurus out there
who can work this in PS, paint or other editing programs 

The first thing I did with the tags, is create a sample page.
Mainly, this step was for the sentiment.
I wanted to make sure, I had ample room for it and the
"To/from" that I'm adding in. 


After I'm satisfied, I do a measurement of the stamp itself.
These images are all 1.5" x 1.5" so it made it super easy.
I also approximate from the sample that my overall tag will be about 1.75 x 5.5”

So, You ready?

Let do this!! :D

In MS Word: click insert, shapes, rectangle


Out pops your image placement piece      
(Note: the working piece will always need to be selected by clicking on it)

Change  to format and size  to 1.5 x 1.5"

Repeat this step to add the tag outline portion.
This size will be 1.75 x 5.5.
Change the shape fill to no fill so that you can see the pieces you'll  be working with.

Note: just to make sure your pieces remain movable;

it’s always a good habit to right click shapes, wrap text and click any option (square, tight, through etc)

For an update on this process, See Zoe’s video of How to use Digi Stamps in MS Word.

It’s the same concept

Move the square to where the image will be located and it should look like this.

Add your text by drawing in from your text box option
Go to format, text box, draw in text box. Place the box where you want the font.

I then add in my piece for the stamped sentiment using the first technique .
I've added a cut line and hole punch area but that’s not necessary.

There are two different end versions with these tags
so I flipped them in the rotate option to mirror the effect.
Then adjusted any pieces that may have moved accordingly

The results will look like this

Holding down on the CTRL, I’m going to select each piece.
 Then copy and paste two times. I now have three of one side.
 Repeat on the next “flipped” tag, creating six tags in total
Again, adjusting any pieces that might move out of place.

 Delete all the extra placement pieces. Leaving only what I want to print.

here's my tags all colored up

  and the gifts all ready to give out
I'm sure there are some things I forgot to cover but
I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful

Since I’ve got my tags ready to go, If you'd like a copy of
the file to create your own using Zoe’s Christmas tags.
Just send me an email to
and I'll link it back to you with a copy
Remember, it's MS Word
You should be able to edit and add in your own to/from names
Merry Christmas all!!!

Make it Crafty Products used:
Copic colors used:
Prezzles: E000,00,11,04, BV25
Charming Santa: E000,00,11,04, BV25
Fairy Bells: E000,00,11,0 BV25
Fairy Bauble: E000,00,11,04 BV25


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  1. Fantastic job. I love those little tags. I don't use tags any longer but I love them.....


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