Thursday, January 8, 2015

Challenge yourself to be free

Hello Everyone.
Hope you've all had a fabulous Holiday Season and welcome to the New Year.
As you know, Make it Crafty has introduced a gorgeous collection of flowers.
They are perfect for any color medium but especially perfect for this month's challenge; watercolors

I'm not especially adept at watercolors but I was really excited about this challenge
because I do love painting. Ok, paint by numbers haha but hey, it's painting.
So Zoe says something like, just gotta let it go and be free your painting. Not trying to be perfect.
Well, I tried and it was hard to "let it go" after practicing so long
at staying in the lines and realism etc.
My first efforts were using just a cheap paint but it turned out...kinda ok.
mic jan release
I am so trying again.
Ordered some paints because new paints are inspiring. :D
And just stopped thinking and painted.
I loved it.
Didn't try to achieve anything, just swooshed and dipped and patted.
Great time.
First I redid the lilies.
Then I popped back to the Magnolias
magnolia post
I think I've found a new love.
I hope you give it a go too.
And....just be free!
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Koi watercolors

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