Monday, February 9, 2015

How'd she do that?

Good Morning
I've got a long one for ya so put your feet up and get cozy.
Dorinda here to bring you an idea of
"What do I do when part of my image sticks over the die I planned to useand would get cut off?"

Well, in some cases there is nothing you can do.
However, You are still in luck!!
I'm going to show you a fairly simple method that really enhances the image and die.

I'll be using Pixie for my image today.
She's one of the new PollyCraft releases for this month from CC Designs.

The first thing I do to make sure I've got enough paper room is
Lay down the die and image in the approximate location you want it.
I only do this because I'm notorious for cutting my paper shy.

After you've stamped the image, you'll re-lay the die across it.
Adjust as necessary to make sure your die is in the  position you want.
Using a pencil; lightly trace the inside of the die. Go all the way around but not over the image.
Since there is detail I want to keep on the die, I'm going to trace the outside as well.
This helps me make sure I don't get carried away in the next step.

Here's your result thus far.
as you can tell, it doesn't require neatness. all the marks will be erased.

You're going to fussy cut the antennae tip and dandelion top.
then starting at the top arrow, make a cut down to the inside ring trace
Make sure to only cut the area marked by the red line.
*The portion around the die does not need to be cut.

Using the trace as a guideline, reposition the image back on the die.
Sliding you fussy cut portions gently down and readjust.
This is where tracing the outside comes in handy.

place your plates as you would normally and run through your cutting machine
You may have a slight indention depending on the thickness of the die.
Once colored, it will not show.
You can actually run your image through with you plates to flatten it out as well.
The CC Designs are super thin and perfect for this method.

Here's my image all cut out and looking cute as can be.
you can see how it adds a new quality to your die cutting with the portions that protrude out.
I just love it.

Now I've got my image all colored up and I'm ready to create her new home.
I'm going to use on of the new stencils.
There's so many possibilities with stencils.
literally limitless.
For this one I've used stencil butterflies

*note the preview is using Gal Doodles
You can tape the stencil down or hold it with your fingers.
Whichever way is more comfortable.
Using a 1/8 spouncer, I chose to do multiple colors
you can adjust your pressure depending on how
defined you want your stenciled image to come through

Carefully pull off the stencil
As your ink is drying, make sure to clean that stencil ;)
I'm using the half circle DieZyne die to make an Easel card
You can find that tutorial here at Rhea's
After I've place Pixie down on her background, I replace the stencil
to extend the images into her circle frames.
Using the Maja papers Vintage Spring
They are perfect for the butterfly dies.

Place your die carefully over the butterfly
paying attention to the center of the body

 I've then added the smaller version to the larger version.
Created a slight bend to lift the wings from the card.
I had a paper pack that was perfect for the smaller flower dies.
I've repeated the above steps for this

Now it's time to start on the inside
I used a die just to use as a guide of where I wanted my sentiment to go
Once stamped up, I placed a scrap oval over the sentiment and repeated the stencil inking process

Finally, I've place my extra flowers and butterflies down.
to hold the card in place while open.
 I've punched out 3 layers of white cardstack and place the fourth flower layer on top

and here she is all finished


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