Saturday, March 14, 2015

Easter is Hopping along

I'm gonna admit it.
I rarely do a piece that just blows me away and makes me smile.
You know, that deep down inside, "I can't believe that "I" did this" smile
I didn't begin this project with Lenten Season, Easter or any spirituality in my mind. 
But sometimes things happen and you just know it was meant to be.
Ok, I'll hush and show you my project. 
using the adorable Bunnies From Southern Ridge Trading Company
I started out wanting to do the "crackle" effect.
So many girls do it and I just love it.
I painted the left bunny with acrylic flesh tone and the right one in a brown color.
Once dried, I painted over the color with Folk Art crackle paint.
Again, waiting until dried, I then painted the left bunny in white and the right in antique white.
I proceeded to use acrylic green and some watercolors to the Cattail leaves.
Well, I loved the crackle so much, that's when my ideas kicked in.
I had to find a little cross to "antique" up.
Off to the store I go.
Draping it in the Lenten purple sash, I wanted it to be a background portion of my piece.
Then, I realized, I had to put this on a canvas.
Yep, you guesses it's on the way to anywhere I go.
Using my copic airbrush, I used a paper towel tutorial to create the sky;
sprayed a bit of green on the ground and a few flicks from my G28.
I'm not done yet...I am gonna show you a trick.
This is a step by step of how I achieved my cattails.
I've used a homemade flock. It's super easy and adds great dimension
Using a solid core dye cardstock like coredinations or bazzil;
take a small piece, fold it up several times to make it thick.

Grab your Cheese slicer. .
Using the grater side, carefully grate up some flock

It's going to look like powder almost.
Since my card stock has a lighter core, it will give multi tones.

Use a nice sticky glue, bunch it on the area and let dry

After dry, you're going to gently take the excess off.
You can continue this process for a thicker version or to hit spots you may have missed

this last step is optional.
I like to add dimension with shadows so using a Dark brown, I lay my brush horizontally on the cattail and just dabbed.
Using a variety of color, I dotted the remaining portion to give it a bit more of a color pop

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