Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rose with Balloon - a Tutorial

Hi all, Dorinda here with a new edition of...

I've got quick tip; adding tail to balloons on a project.

Once upon a time, I embroidered...a lot.
so I have almost every color of thread.
I really enjoy adding authentic elements whenever possible. 
I think adding that little bit of texture can really change things up.

I pull just enough off, a few inches, leaving all threads intact.
If the balloon stem is large enough, I can actually "tie" the thread onto the balloon.

As you can see, the larger one will work but what to do with the other?
Well lets do the easy one and get him outta the way.

Using about a 1inch glue dot, I cut it in quarters.

 Tie the string around.  Careful not to pull to tightly or you will snap of the end of the balloon

Then taking the quarter piece of glue dot, attach it to the balloon and pull the loose string end up.
I also add just a pinch at the base to keep the string together and in the right direction
you can also use a quick dry glue for this.

flip it around and super cuteness.

ok, with the little guy, it's obvious, you will not be able to tie it on.

Attach your glue dot to the back, adhere the end with the short tail up, long tail down.

wrap it around, cross the end and add another pinch of glue dot, securing with the long tail up.

now add a pinch of glue dot at the balloons end; securing the end down in the proper direction.

 and there you have it

If you're feeling really creative, you can always add a little "shine"
 I use this white opaque pen for my highlights and such.

My finished project using
Rose with Balloon and her accompanying outline die


copics used:
Skin: E04, 11, 00, 000, BV25
Hair: E39, 37, 35, 33, 31
Blue: B69, 16, 04, 01
Yellow: E18, 15, 13, Y38, 35, 32
Green: G28, 07, YG06, 01


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