Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Details, Details, Details.

I LOVE adding details; Accenting ones drawn in, adding some that aren't.
Recently, Zoe created a New EBook Basic Techniques when Colouring Faces, and I was over the moon.
So many details, tips, hints about contouring face shapes, eyes, lips, oh my goodness.
I used her technique to color up Aleisha.
face tutorial
Mostly, I worked the eyes but the hair and manga face feature is also included.
Did I tell you, the images all come with the book?
I'm not super happy with my abilities yet, but thankfully, I know it takes practice, practice, practice.
And there's so many techniques to play with.
I hope to see your plays with the ebook.
Make it Crafty Products used:
Aleisha Digi
Also available in Rubber

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