Monday, June 8, 2015

Light through the Trees

Oh boy, this month Make it Crafty will challenge you right over your comfort zone.
We are creating light through the trees.
I had an image all picked and it was a popular one, so...
me wanting to always be different (it's a good thing LoL) I picked this one.
No one else had done it, it was pretty, good idea right?
Well after I had finished up; I realized I had no "light through the trees"
Why? Because I had no tree.
Sorry, it's a phone pic...

So, I asked for help. Well, help or I was gonna have to start over. Oh No!!!
Thankfully, our team at MiC is awesome and they like to help.
Or...maybe they like being bossy and telling others what to do...Kidding
I seriously love my teamies.
Either way, I got the answer I needed.
Just add some light inside the tree house radiating out.


Ok, to do that realistically, it would have to be some bright light.
To make that happen, I would also need to add light beaming onto the surrounding
door frame and light coming out the windows.

Light through the trees. :D 

Always remember, we love to help you out. All you need do is ask.

Copics used:
Wood: E79,18,15,13,11
Walls: E40,41
Wall Stones: W6,5,3,1 
Ground Stones: C6,4,3,2
Light: Y15,11
Windows: B41, 0000
I use BV23 with BV20 on all my shadows.

pop yours into the folder to enter

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