Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cast Shadows

This month at Make it Crafty, our challenge is creating Cast shadows.

Cast shadows are created when an object is blocking the light source and so the shadow will cast the shape of the object; like the tree and egg statue in this picture here.

It sounds a lot harder than it is.

I'll show you the super easy way I created my shadows.

I always print my images on a scrap paper to make sure they are small enough for cards
but not too small that I can't color details in parts of it.

I used the print test image, held it and my real image up to the light.
Light box or window works great.
Then I flipped my test image upside down and reversed it, held it in position so my coloring image to I could get an idea where the shadows should fall and how they would appear.

 You can change the position to get your light coming from different levels or directions.

Adjust them out as far or near as you'd like.
Here, you can see I extended it out very far.
You would just need to fill in that empty area noted by the arrow.
Just connect the lines. It's that easy.
You can definitely have the details like the light through the overhang as in the above example. You would not however, have the details in the house reflected since the light is totally blocked.
All is needed is to just shade them in solid.

Copics used:
Trees: E47,18,15,11,30
Steel: C7,5,3
House Wood: E47,35,31,W3
Outhouse, Extra Wood, Windmill Blades:
Windmill: Y26,32
Can: YG99,97,95,93

Make sure you check out the example of the other girls.
Some have chosen people and so you can see how easy it is to transfer the method to anything.

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