Thursday, September 3, 2015

It's gonna be a Warm Hugs kinda BDay

I love the movie Frozen.
Who doesn't?
A couple months ago, my family vacationed in Arizona.
A lot of hubbies family lives there.
One of our nieces was having her first birthday.
Off to the Disney Store we went and found the cutest, 1 year old friendly, Anna and Elise dolls.
I had to get both dolls cause duh, they are sisters and...
cause little Angelina has an older sister and I was covering my bases.
In all the excitement, older sister wanted to know who got "her" her new favorite toys. :D
Well now that I have most favorite Aunt role to live up to, I wanted to make her a card for her upcoming day with this super adorable Snowman, who I made to look like Olaf.
I first painted him white, then colored him with pencils to get some shading.
Next, I applied a thin layer of glue and applied ECD glitter.
I cut a small piece of felt for his nose and stuck it through the opening,
carefully shaping and glued it secure. 
His teeth are felt cut to shape; carefully tucked through and secured with glue.
The mouth is two pieces of twine glued a top one another and sprayed black.
 The hair is the twine unwound and painted white.
His eyes are googly metal eye brads and
a few glitter poms for his buttons and...
Lastly, yepper his arms are dead twigs from my flower that didn't quite make the heat.
I though Olaf needed to be in a nice warm I printed off an image from free backgrounds.
Who would you model your snowman after?
He's a blast to do. I hope you try one out too.
Don't forget this month's challenge is Favorites.
Olaf covers lots of mine: Frozen, glitter, snow, birthdays, my nieces. and many more.
Big Hugs,

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