Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mad About You!

Ever have an image that just calls to you?
It's like a personal challenge...
When I first began coloring, I'd see these colored images that were so wow.
Then I'd look at the line art and be like's digitally colored. I can't do that.
Then I had an idea. I began using the artist colored image to "teach" me how to "do that"
It's only paper right?
So if I don't get it, I keep trying.
This was one of those images I really wanted to capture in the artists version.
I used my chosen palate and recreated her in my style.
 I really couldn't be more pleased.
Copics Used:
Skin: E04, 11, 00 ,000, 0000, R20, RV10 BV23
Hair, Black multiliner BR, N7, 5, 3, 2
Roses: Black Multiliner. R59, 29, 24, 20
Vines and leaves: YG99, 94, 93, 91
Crown/Butterfly: V99, 09, 06, 04
Y28, 26, 23
R59, 24 20
Polychromos Black and grey used for shading.
One thing I notice a lot is using the darkest color of your group for shadows.
You might find using a grey or slate blue works to create a more natural shadow.
I use BV23 on everything. Then if I need to tone it, I'll add BV20 and then the lightest color of that area to smudge it out just a super tiny bit.
What have you pushed your boundaries on lately?
You might find you like it :D

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