Thursday, February 4, 2016

Friends need love too

Happy February.
This month at SRTC, we are all about the love.
I wanted to think about all those people in our lives who we don't really recognize at this time.
Those people we lean on, cry with, laugh with, tell our deepest secrets and dreams to.
Nope, not the spouse.
Our beautiful friends.
I know I just couldn't survive without mine.
They all have a vital role in my world.
So here's to you, Friends.

I went a little wild with style this time but hey, my friends are a little wild :D

I used a pre-colored image from Simply B Stamps.
It was actually colored by Betty herself.

Then I added a few SRTC pieces.

I started by inking the banner pieces but realized I couldn't see my letter.
So, I added some gesso then inked a bit more.
I also inked the other two pieces; adding some orange tone copic to the branch and
a bit of color on the label font so it would really pop.

The thread on my banner is embroider thread.
Super easy to get through with all 6 threads intact.

Other products used:
LDRS Creative Lovely View

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