Friday, February 3, 2017

I'm getting organized

You know when you find something so cool, you wanna tell everyone?
I've so found it!!!

I am an organizational freak and I have tried for years to find a way that
 organizes my craft items in a used friendly way.
I've bought items, set them up and couldn't get the flow.

Fast forward,...
Totally Tiffany's is all about getting organized. 
and I LOVE it!!!

That's a mouth full and worth every word.
This set is everything I've been looking for...
The Tool Tower is perfect for the larger items that never seem to fit anywhere.
Everything I need for multiple projects and mediums are all in one unit.
Exactly how I envisioned it.

I use the Pencil Perch for the the current piece I'm working on. 
Before, I had to toss all my selections in a cup or box.
Now they are perfectly in order and easily mobile without shifting and rolling about,
getting out of order or breaking leads.

The pen and Ink Palace is too cool.
the image on Tiffany's site looks like this

See how she has the stepped shelves?

Mine looks like this.
I've spun the shelves around so they have the lip up so my gelatos wont wiggle out.
The bottom shelf stores my longer, regular size microliners and spicas.
The the top is perfect for things I use a lot but vary in size.

Finally, I have the Stadium Arranger. 
This can store whatever you like.
It fits my small rolls of ribbon that fall through other holders. It fits large ribbons, tapes and more.

The top staggered shelf...oh yeah, I've got my matt stacks and ribbons in flat wrapping.there.

and it's all together on my desk.

If you need extras of one, they are even sold separately.

I am thrilled to have this set.
It's everything and more.

go check it out and get yourself ready for the new year of crafting.

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