Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pencil love

I think I mentioned a bit back how I am trying to expand myself; using other mediums.
I've always love the freedom and control of pencils.
 I've tried the water color ones and even actual water color pans.

When I attended Jennifer Dove's Boot Camp last November, I received a tin of Aqua blends Essentials. 
There are beautiful colors that can be used for skin and who doesn't need that? 
(I might add, Boot Camp was AMAZING!! If you can, go.)
So, when I had a chance to play with some pencils from Crafer's Companion, I was all on board.

To add to my Aqua Blends, I tried the florals
These colors are just splendid.
Now, I might add, since I'm not very knowledgeable,
 I kinda wait until I have a nice variation before I play.
I know, they can all be mixed...

Ok, now I have two Aqua Blend tins.

I took A Polkadoodles Stamp, "Tulip" I've been waiting to try and
I sat down to color.
First, I want to say; the colors are rich and vibrant
But when I added water, Oh my, They came to life.
The blend was so nice; without leaving streaks or lines.
Loved them!!!

Ok, Addiction happening.
I wanted more.

I got the tin of Color Blend Essentials, (Yes more skin :D)
Now, first let me say...I got lazy and printed her on the watercolor piece left from tulip.
Don't do that.

I could not get the tooth down enough
look at the colors!!!
and like the Aqua Blend, they were a delight to play with.

I hope you enjoyed today's version of my pencil mania.
Until next time.
Big Hugs,

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