Monday, April 17, 2017

Round & Rawwwww

First off, I must apologize for the pictures.
I created this wheel for my youngest son's teacher's daughter.
(Wow, say that three times.)
My son's teacher is so amazing to him and he's a little rascal.
My time was very scarce and took me forever. Had to have it just right lol
 I snapped quick pics at the end to get it to school.

I got this ferris wheel from Make it Crafty quite a while ago.
I've never made it because...I have three little boys and Daddy
 would not be thrilled with me making them a girly wheel. :(

oh, I digress....

So little man lovesssss dinosaurs and so does this little girl. 
Ohhhh,, yesssss.
I also have this polkadoodles Dino pack I bought and it'd be perfect.

I tried to find a nice mix or girly/dino. 
It turned out much darker than I would have liked but the little lady loved it.
That's all that matters. :D

I added little dino buttons with the button part cut off, in the chairs.
The little characters come pre-colored on as digi in the kit.
I chose pre-colored. They are too adorable.
I inserted to a Word Doc, copied, pasted and flipped the image, 
fussy cut them out, then hot glued them with a Popsicle stick in between. stuck the stick in the base and secured the bottom.
I added a ton of rhinestones to glam it up and the sweet little green and turquoise blue blooms from


  1. This is really amazing! What a wonderful gift!

  2. WOW! you have made this beautiful piece with the paper? This looks outstanding. It really makes a unique and wonderful gift. Also share how you made it.


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