Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Hello, I've got little LDRS Creative Faith for you today.

Products used are:

I just love these two TLC Inspired Edge Stamps.
To me, they look like they should be the door to a chapel.
So, that's what I've created. 
My TLC Inspired Edge Stamps are like the stain glass.

I stamped one on each side of the center opening card; 
directly on top of a piece from Splendid Azure Paper Pack 
Next, I've taken two different pieces of Slendid Azure Washi Stickers.
I had to add just a bit extra at each top end but they piece together
perfectly so I can't even see the piecing.
Now that's Splendid.

That finishes up my chapel.

See ya soon,

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  1. I always look for these stamp related posts as I got to see creativity of people through their work. This one looks good, thank you for sharing it with us


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