Sunday, March 4, 2018

Horsin' Around

I love when images have loads of detail.
I especially love when even what appears to be a simple image, has loads of detail.
It adds complete realism.
This particular image from Whimsy Stamps and DoveArt Studios is one of those images.

Just look at the detail from 
I've added a background image called Farmhouse Shiplap 
which is the coolest woodgrain.

I think he's fabulous.
I wanted to color him black to push my boundaries. Black is scary when coloring.
Most of time, we tend to end up grey.
That's because we are afraid that black will cover everything up. It's black after all.
I've learned that's not true at all.
I coulda/shoula went darker even still but I'll call this lesson accomplished.

Take care

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