Monday, December 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Rhea

Happy Birthday!!!!!

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.....
1,2,3....ok fine. I can't count that high and still keep you here.
Afterall, 50 is a really big number.
Hey, we've all been there right?
Some a few times.
So in honor of my boss and dear friend at Passionate Paper Creations, Rhea Weigand,
We are celebrating and inviting you to stop by for some coloring play time.
We have lots of sponsors who are playing along as well.
You know what that means?
Come on over and get your color on...

Nikky Hall from Polkadoodles created these images just for Rhea.
She was so inspired, she created a whole line...
Funny Old Bag
and they are 50% off if you receive the newsletter.
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So check those out too.
 This one is called Zimmer Frame.

On the flip side of the card, I've added another image.
They were just too fun not to....

So Happy Birthday Rhea. I hope it's the best one yet!!!
And I'll see YOU at the party!!!

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  1. Ha-ha! Amazing! Simply loved the drawings. That’s a superb imagination. I wish I had that. It is my best friend’s 50th birthday next month booked at a beautiful venue NYC and I would love to get something like this for her. She will go crazy laughing after seeing this, it will be so much fun. A very good share!


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